Afrit Nebula's second full-length album Inalienable was released in May 2022.

Seven self-composed tracks, with influences including Middle Eastern music, Japanese Kabuki theatre, Frank Zappa, John Coltrane, Xenakis, Steve Reich – you name it.

1 Inalienable (E Edwards/K Edwards) 11:17
2 Momentum (Afrit Nebula) 2:32
3 Time Is Now/Tixerb Kufyeh (K Edwards) 10:05
4 Scrabblin’ With Scriabin (E Edwards/K Edwards) 7:00
5 Kwaidan-AI (E Edwards/K Edwards) 11:39
6 Exspira Machina* (E Edwards) 9:06
7 The World Is Burning (E Edwards/K Edwards) 4:14

* listen to this live track in the video below

Recorded at Old Town Studios, Hastings, and live a the Kino-Teatr, St Leonards. Mixing and mastering by James Stonehewer.

Review by Matthew Wright, Jazz Journal

Review by Paul Green/Culture Court

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Mark French

Music composed by
Afrit Nebula

Elaine Edwards
Ken Edwards
bass guitar
Jamie Harris
percussion, voice

Live recording (at the Kino-Teatr, 27 Sept 2019, with Yumino Seki, dance)

Now included on the album INALIENABLE

During the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020-22, Afrit Nebula's co-founder Elaine Edwards composed a suite of keyboard/piano pieces, BULVERHYTHE VARIATIONS, accompanying a series of photos taken on her iPhone on early morning runs along the seafront and beach in Bulverhythe, East Sussex. The images (of patterns and structures in the natural and manmade environment) and the music seemed to fall into a narrative.

Meanwhile, Ken Edwards, inspired by the same environment, was writing in the imagined voice of a homeless person living near the beach: an enigmatic character who might be a philosopher or a former private detective.

The music and narration are presented in full in this album. (Images and text are now also published as a book by Silverhill Press.)

LISTEN, DOWNLOAD AND BUY THE CD at our Bandcamp site.

You can now buy Afrit Nebula’s nine-track debut album,Triality (originallyreleased on the FMR label in 2018), direct from this website for £7.50 (p&p included). Just click on the PayPal button below and pay either with your debit or credit card or PayPal.

You can stream the tracks for free at our Bandcamp site, and also purchase the download from there.

Afrit Nebula's first release was the EP Punkique, featuring compositions by all three of the band and a Jimi Hendrix cover. The album can be streamed and downloaded for free  here. The tracks are:

PUNKIQUE (Ken Edwards)

FIRE (Jimi Hendrix)

BULGARIAN ROCK (Elaine Edwards)

PEOPLE CHANT (Jamie Harris)

Lyrics and cover artwork are also available to be downloaded at our Bandcamp page. Enjoy!


by Paul Green (pdf download)